Sunday, July 7, 2013

I see you see me

Sunday kisses to all my readers! I hope you are having a fun day!
Like you know that I am very new to the blogging business. I was going through blogs of the blogging VIPs and realized that I had not been doing this right. 
So, I planned on changing the way I put up posts and hope to find you more contended with my blogging skills. Hehe
As you can gather, I love a little color in my outfits. for this post I tried to color block while at the same time keep my outfit un-jarring. 
Okay, so here is what I think. Colorblocking , even though by the definition of it seems like a safe option , is sometimes very tricky. You need to know how to step the look down as well. 

So what I deduced from my experiments in the closet today was that white could be your pick if you want to colour block while at the same time not look like a complete clown. This tip is especially useful for women who are obsessed with colour blocking but cant always wear those bright shades to office without getting that glare from your boss.

I kept my makeup to the minimum possible. Just a nice shade of bright pink to add sexiness.

 Doing my hair was the simplest bit. Simple: middle parting and a tie it with a hair tie. 

My neckless gave the look a polish. Plus, I just bought it and HAD to show it off. Got it from a thrift shop for only $1 . Gotta love that! Haha

Email me for any more styling tip.

Stay tuned, stay fashionable
Oh, and one last thing!
I just started an account at lookbook. The sad part is , to be recognized as even a fashion blogger, I need to have a certain number of hypes. And for that I need your help. I have the link to by profile at the right hand bar. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


For those of you who know me you would know how much I love the retro style. 
My first look had to be **RETRO INSPIRED**

For this look I winged by eyeliner and used one of the brightest shades of lip sticks that I own. I tried my best to execute a pouf hair do. Let me know if I succeeded. 

My initial plan was wearing my weed green corduroy leggings with a mint top but then I tried the vest on and it worked! The funny part is that this vest also happens to be stitched by my grandmother in the retro ages. What a coincidence!

I was tempted to play a little with styles. And so I decided to wear these classy studded heels.

I completed my look with this necklace from accessorize and a beaded spiral bracelet.

Liked my look? Go ahead, HYPE it on lookbook. I love the support guys. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New blogger in town BEYAACCHHHH!

Hello beautiful people!
-,-,-,-,-,- New blogger alert -,-,-,-,-,-

Like it says on top, my name is Enid Lall and I'm a compulsive shopper . The definition of that being that I dream of shoes and salivate of the thought of shopping. 
This blog is for all those who can relate to what I'm talking about. 

Innovation and trying new styles is what excites me the most. 

Watch out for outfit and styling posts.

Stay tuned.

Sooooooo much more in store!